The Arizona Association of Dispensary Professionals (AZADP) fired a shot across the bow of the Arizona Department of Health Services today when AZADP issued a press release called “AZDHS and MPP Acting in Collusion to limit access to Dispensary Applicants, Monopolization abuses outlined in letter to Arizona Heath Department.”  The article starts:

“We believe that the AZDHS has been influenced by and is conspiring with other organizations, namely the Marijuana Policy Project, (MPP) and their recently established association, the Arizona Medical Marijuana Association, (AzMMA), to create an elitist and monopolistic program where only the wealthy influential, informed sponsors of MPP will qualify for one of the 125 licenses. We believe that the following evidence will show that the AZDHS in collusion with MPP are intentionally developing program rules that are so complicated and costly so as to preclude otherwise qualified applicants merely on the basis of wealth and influence. We believe it is the intention of MPP to control the marketplace.”

If you are interested in obtaining a medical marijuana dispensary license in Arizona, this article is a must read.

FYI:  According to a search of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s website today, there is no entity in Arizona called “Arizona Association of Dispensary Professionals,” but Allan Sobol reserved the name Arizona Association of Dispensary Professionals, Inc., on 11/21/10.