On January 23, 2011, I received an email from Alan Sobol and the Consiglieri Group that raises some interesting questions about alleged conduct by the City of Phoenix with respect to “pre-registration of dispensary” locations.  The following is the text of Alan’s message:

“Nepotism at Phoenix City Hall?

January 17 2011, without any notice, twelve people lined up at Phoenix City Hall to reserve their Dispensary Locations. Without any public notice the City of Phoenix rolled out their “Pre-Registration Program”,. According to the City officials, the program was intended to allow individuals to reserve a site for medical marijuana dispensary, cultivation or infusion facilities within the City of Phoenix. The problem, zoning officials had no authority to offer such pre-registration services. The Phoenix City Council adopted Ordinance G5573( the Marijuana zoning ordinance) on December 15, 2010. Nowhere contained therein was there a provision for such pre-registration services. The city violated its own public information rules.

Perhaps the more important question is who are these twelve people that showed up to register their marijuana facility locations, and how did they find out about this program? Hmmm!

But don’t worry, we are conducting an extensive investigation into this matter and will take appropriate action should we find evidence of wrongdoing.

We urge those of you who are considering locating your facility in Phoenix to immediately visit the Phoenix website and download this pre-registration form. (Phoenix.gov/planning). We would also suggest that you keep apprised of any such pre-registration services that might pop-up in other cities or towns. We will shortly be posting a link on our website to all Arizona City and Town websites. As always if you have any questions feel free to contact us.”