Press Telegram:  “The future of Long Beach’s medical marijuana regulations – and potentially of medical marijuana throughout the state – is in question after an appeals court ruling Wednesday.  The 2nd District Court of Appeals ruled that a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge must reexamine his decision Nov. 2 upholding Long Beach’s new medical marijuana ordinance.  At issue is whether Long Beach’s issuance of permits for medical marijuana collectives is a violation of federal law, which considers marijuana an illegal drug.”

Whatever the outcome  of the case when it is reconsidered by the trial court, the losing party will surely appeal.  It appears that in the not too distant future a California appellate court will determine if federal law preempts California law.  If the appellate court answers the question in the affirmative, that could be the beginning of the end of California’s medical marijuana law and other states that have legalized medical marijuana can expect to have the same battle in their courts.