The following is the text of an email message the Arizona State Bar sent to its members on December 3, 2010:

Medical Marijuana and the Rules of Professional Conduct

There have been a number of reports regarding the implications of Arizona’s new medical marijuana law on the ethical rules that govern the conduct of attorneys in Arizona.

Although some reports may have created the perception that the State Bar of Arizona has taken an official position regarding this matter, the Bar has not taken an official position.

As has been widely reported, this new law has created many unsettled issues across the legal landscape.  The impact of this law on the ethical rules is equally unsettled.

The State Bar of Arizona will review the new law and provide guidance in advance of the law’s implementation, currently scheduled for late March 2011.  In the interim, the State Bar will not take regulatory action against attorneys for counseling or assisting clients in the implementation of the medical marijuana law during this period.

For questions or further information, contact Rick DeBruhl, Chief Communications Officer, State Bar of Arizona  at 602-340-7200 or [email protected].


John F. Phelps
CEO/Executive Director