Jon Gettman , Ph.D., wrote a scholarly paper called “Marijuana in Arizona, Arrests, Usage, and Related Data.”  The article contains statistics and information about the criminal aspect of marijuana use in Arizona.  It states:

“There were 21,727 arrests for marijuana offenses in Arizona in 2007, representing an arrest rate of 343 per 100,000, which ranks Arizona at number 16 in the nation. There were an estimated 473,000 past year marijuana users in Arizona during 2007. Reconciling this estimate with the number of arrests for marijuana offenses provides an arrest rate of 4,593 per 100,000 users, which ranks Arizona at number 14 in the nation.

In terms of overall severity of maximum sentences for marijuana possession, Arizona ranks number 12 in the nation (based on penalties for a first offense). When it comes to penalties for just under 1 ounce of marijuana, Arizona is ranked at number 2 . . .. Here are the penalties for possession of various amounts of marijuana in Arizona:”