Protecting Prop 203 – What Will It Take?

Recently I wrote that if you are in the MMJ field, you are also, by default, in politics, for nothing is more political than medical marijuana. Whether you a true believer in cannabis or entered the industry just to make a buck, you have a vested interest in helping to protect the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act against the attacks that are sure to come in 2012.

In a multi-part series over the next few weeks I will describe the challenges facing Arizona’s MMJ movement, offer a list of achievable goals, and suggest proactive steps community members can take, either individually or in groups, in order to reach those goals. Our success depends upon our efforts.

[Note] Although many know me as an insurance agent providing coverage for compassion clubs and grows, in a former life I worked ten years for an elected official. My political experience also includes advising local and state candidates and non-profit lobbying.  From these experiences I learned that even underdogs can win – but only if they are in the game.

Doug Banfelder is a commercial insurance specialist with Premier Southwest Insurance Group, ranked a Top-Twentyfive Brokerage by Phoenix Business Journal in 2009, 2010, and 2011.