What Must be In an Arizona Medical Marijuana Dispensary Applicant’s Business Plan

Arizona Department of Health Services rule R9-17-304.D.9 requires that every application for a license to operate an Arizona medical marijuana dispensary contain a business plan.  The rule gives some but not much guidance, as to what the business plan must contain.  The rule states that to apply for a dispensary registration certificate, an entity shall submit to DHS a:

“business plan demonstrating the on-going viability of the dispensary on a not-for-profit basis that includes:

a. A description of and total dollar amount of expenditures already incurred to establish the dispensary or to secure a dispensary registration certificate by the individual or business organization applying for the dispensary registration certificate,

b. A description and total dollar amount of monies or tangible assets received for operating the dispensary from entities other than the individual applying for the dispensary registration certificate or a principal officer or board member associated with the dispensary including the entity’s name and the interest in the dispensary or the benefit the entity obtained,

c. Projected expenditures expected before the dispensary is operational,

d. Projected expenditures after the dispensary is operational, and

e. Projected revenue”

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