Home Grows Void Homeowners Insurance

Considering growing your own? Many are, especially since the Governor’s lawsuit has put the dispensary process on hold.

What most don’t realize, however, is that growing marijuana inside your home or attached garage voids your homeowners insurance. There is not ONE carrier who will approve such activity.

No big deal, unless you have a claim – burglary, injured guest, fire, broken window, hail damage… if your carrier finds a grow, kiss your claim goodbye.

I had a quote request from a fellow who had leased a storefront for his dispensary; the cultivation plan included growing in his large home basement. Great security, lots of space, controlled environment, and no lease payment – all good. Except that none of my carriers, even the MMJ specialty firm, would go near this particular combination of risks.

I don’t like to tell people bad news. Ed Rosenthal’s coming to town and everyone is excited, and the hydroponics stores are thrilled. But… a better plan, and feasible at least for caregivers, is to band together and rent warehouse space, which can be insured against liability, theft, even local government raids.

Your house is your home, and should something happen, you’ll want to be reimbursed for any damages – not left holding an empty bag.