Pot is New California Gold Rush

Daily Mail:  “Two years ago, the city of Adelanto, a crumbling outpost in California’s Mojave desert, was facing a bleak future as it teetered on the brink of bankruptcy and struggled with double-digit unemployment.  ‘We were about to vanish, to be incorporated into another city,’ says councilman John ‘Bug’ Woodard Jr. ‘The place was dying and in total despair.’  Today, however, the once-desolate town is firmly back on the map, having joined a handful of communities in California in embracing large-scale commercial cannabis cultivation — a move that smells of success as the state prepares to vote in November on legalizing the use of recreational marijuana.”

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Which is Better – Pot Grown Inside or Outside

Phoenix New Times:  “So why grow pot indoors, particularly legal pot? Why not stick it in a field and rely on the strong Arizona sun? Arizona’s medical marijuana law and local ordinances stress the importance of security and discretion, making indoor growing an easy sell to regulators worried about public perception. But there’s another option: the greenhouse, a cross between indoor and outdoor growing that relies in large part on the sun. The energy savings associated with growing cannabis in greenhouses are undeniable,”

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